Tenants In Cyprus

Before you view properties in Cyprus it is good to know the strength of your position as a potential tenant. Think seriously about why you are moving. Decide what you like & enjoy about your current home & what you hope to find in a new home. Write down your three most important factors for choosing a Larnaca rental property for example: price, location, style of furniture, quality of build, proximity to noisy bars etc. Make sure you are able to legally terminate your current tenancy & check the earliest date you can move out.

The closer the start date you can offer to your new landlord / agent the more attractive your rental offer will be. Ensure that you are able to pay a deposit immediately if you find your dream Cyprus rental property.

Take a camera or notebook with you so that you can recap on your viewings at the end of your appointment. Ask your employer to provide you with a reference confirming your employment for the agent to verify should you proceed. Have your ID & recent bank statement with you so the agent can take a copy if necessary. The strongest reference you can have is from your current agent or landlord. If you are able to obtain one of these take it with you to the viewings.

As part of the agreement, you will probably be required to pay a refundable deposit (usually equivalent to one month’s rent). You should also get a copy of an inventory of items & condition of the property. Make sure that the agent does not charge you a fee for this as it is not standard practice in Cyprus to do so. Decide whether to have the contract written in sole or joint names. The utilities can only be transferred to an individual named on the contract. Clarify if the property will be cleaned before your start date.

To avoid misunderstandings specify which party is liable for which charges. As a general rule with Cyprus Life, the tenant is usually liable for electric, TV, telephone, water, gas & diesel charges, whilst the landlord is usually responsible for council taxes, communal charges, property taxes & building insurance. Clarify that any verbal agreements or additions are included in the contract. Read the Cyprus tenancy agreement carefully before signing. Always keep a copy of the landlord’s signed agreement safely throughout the term of occupancy. Now all you have to do is arrange to transfer the utilities in Larnaca at least one day before you get your full set of keys.