Landlords In Cyprus

It is important that your property in Cyprus is rented and fully managed by a professional company or individual. This will enable potential disputes to be rectified and maintennace or management issues to be resolved quickly.

Only a licenced real estate agent should be trusted to hold rental deposits for your tennant and collect rent payments on behalf of the landlord. It is essential to check that your chosen Cyprus rental agent is a fully VAT registered, LTD, licensed real estate agency.

Cyprus Life offer a fully managed service including a wide range of rental services;

  • Preparation of inventory
  • Carry out the check-in and check-out inventory
  • Reference the tenants Handle all management queries
  • Collect, administer and deposit your rent Chase for overdue rent payments
  • Prepare and negotiate the tenancy agreements / check the client’s contracts
  • Take meter readings and ensure utilities are set up in the tenant’s name
  • Conduct quarterly property inspections (as required)
  • Handle any other management requests from yourselves and the tenant
  • Hold the deposit for the duration of the lease and check the property thoroughly before returning to the Tenant