Relocation & Corporate Lets Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia, with a population of about 800,000. The capital of the island is Nicosia, and its other main cities are Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos.

Cyprus has a free market economy system, and is one of the most advantageous jurisdictions in the world in terms of international tax and financial planning, making it highly attractive to international businesses. Combined with the geographical position, Cyprus has become a popular location for international companies to establish their head offices for trading in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and around the world.

It is not just the large corporations that benefit from the favourable business environment - foreign employees also gain from the low rates of taxation. It is no wonder many choose to live and work here and enjoy a higher standard of living, a safer environment and of course enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate.

Many people find a superior quality of life in Cyprus, with its sun-kissed beaches, beautiful country side and large choice of properties to rent or buy. Offering a choice of city living, beach front luxury or secluded country retreat, Cyprus had many high quality properties offering spacious interiors and gardens, giving the ability to lead an outdoor style of living.

Modern designs by leading architects and interior designers combined with high build quality and fittings provide top quality accommodation at extremely competitive prices.

Travel to Cyprus couldn’t be simpler, with two international airports, namely Larnaca and Paphos at either end of the island, with frequent direct connections to Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

The official language of Cyprus is Greek, but with a large number of Cypriots having studied abroad, many are fluent in other languages such as English, Russian, German and French.

There are many factors that have helped Cyprus to grow into one of the most attractive places in the world for international business. The economy has performed consistently for more than 20 years, and the island enjoys a high standard of living. Tourism has long been the most important sectors of the economy and it has developed into a commercial, maritime and financial centre, leading to the growth of related service industries.

Cyprus has a legal and banking system based upon the British model which makes it easy to conduct business for those already familiar with British based legislation. Commercial banking operates at a very sophisticated level and commercial banks have very strong correspondent networks throughout the world.

Communications are also advanced, with special emphasis placed on the provision of value added services, and some of the lowest costs for international calls in Europe.

There is a ready availability of quality housing and first class hotels abound. Other attractions for executives to relocate to Cyprus to run regional headquarters are the high standard of English schools, a good healthcare system and very low crime rates.