Property Handover

he handover of your new off-plan property is an exciting and occasionally stressful occasion. There is paperwork to complete, utilities to connect and often a number of external deliveries of furniture, appliances and curtains all taking place throughout the day. It is essential that you stay focussed, ensure you obtain the necessary receipts, keys, instructions, warranties etc and set aside plenty of time to give the property a thorough walk through to list any teething issues on a snag report sheet. Only once you are happy that your developer has satisfied his contractual obligations you should you agree to accept the handover of the Cyprus property.

Cyprus Life are happy to accompany you to your handover or assist you with the necessary paperwork. Our property consultants will attend handover on your behalf if you are unable to travel to Cyprus. Upon receipt of our full report and property images you can authorise the release final payments to your developer.

Please contact our office for more details.